PCB assembly is the process where electronics components get placed on a Printed Circuit board. Either it can be done using machinery or manually. It is also known as PCBA (PCB Assembly).

solder paste machine at DGtronix

Here, photos of the Required machines are also added.

kayo assembly machine at DGtronics

The advanced circuit board won’t be able to give its functionality until components are mounted on it. In recent times you might have seen PCB board even smaller than the thumbnail and to fulfill that need we have installed Machines.

Reflow oven at DGtronics

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There are three types of Methods for assembly.

  1. Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
  2. Through-Hole Technology (THT)
  3. Mixed Technology

For Different Technology Different Solder processes are used. For SMT technology PCB Board pass from the Reflow oven after the component is assembled on it. Same as through technology Wave soldering is used or it also can be done using hand soldering.

(1) Surface Mounted Technology

This process has some steps,

  • Solder paste apply
  • Pick and Place
  • Reflow Oven
  • Inspection and Quality Control

(2) Through-hole Technology

This type of component is called Plated Through-hole component or PTH component. it places using holes in Board. PCB components use these holes to pass a signal from one side of the board to the other and a variety of components are available. In this case, soldering paste won’t do any good, as the paste will run straight through the hole without a chance to adhere. Instead of soldering paste, PTH components require a more specialized kind of soldering method in the later PCB assembly process:

Through-hole technology component steps

  • Through-hole component Placement
  • Inspection and rectification
  • Wave soldering
  • Inspection and Quality Control

(3) Mixed Technology

Mixed technology includes both types of components SMD(Surface Mounted Devices) and Through-hole components.

In today’s development technology and science components going to become smaller and more complex. So, it is not possible to make PCB with only one type of component.

Using both types of technology to assemble PCB for Single side and Double side.

Single Side Assembly


Flowchart for Single Side Assembly

Double Side Assembly

Flowchart for Double Side Assembly